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About Johnny Petosky and the Tiny Dinosaurs

Johnny Petosky and the Tiny Dinosaurs is a solo project by Tim Bober where uses multiple loopers to create the important layers of pop tunes of the last 40 years. 

Loops are small, repeating chunks of music that Johnny Petosky records live. Those loops are the foundations of songs, thereafter Johnny sings, plays other parts and solos, and even records new loops as a song is being performed. 

Here is the current list of artists JP and the TDs: Hall and Oates, Khalid, Howard Jones, Kendrick Lamar, Sza, Amy Winehouse, The Dream Academy, Tears for Fears, Rihanna, Fun, Crowded House, Neon Trees, Mike Posner, Halsey, Simon and Garfunkel, Elton John, Pet Shop Boys, Paul McCartney, Drake, Daft Punk.  

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Band Member

A Man and his tiny dinosaurs


Johnny Petosky

singer, guitar player, keyboard player, drummer, looper

Timothy Bober is Johnny Petosky.  Hi! I'm Tim.

 I've been playing music in Michigan for 26 years.  I've played guitar, keyboards and been the lead singer of many bands including Afrozuma, Oracle, Hazy Past, Skankadank, and the Grand Rapids Motown Revue. 

I've written a majority of the music in the band, Afrozuma.  We've won 4 WYCE Jammie awards including the 2013 Album of the Year!

I also was the executive director and played the lead role in 3 annual charity productions of Jesus Christ Superstar in Grand Rapids, Michigan which included coordinating over 30 people to create a stunning audio and visual production enjoyed by thousands of people. 

Tiny Dinosaurs

Important Helpers

It's imperative that the dinosaurs are tiny in a looping project so that they can coordinate the loops properly.  They are integral members of this project!

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Afrozuma (12 piece afrobeat band) Facebook band page:

Oracle (6 piece rock band) Facebook band page:

Jesus Christ Superstar - 2018 performance:

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